Urban Kitchen Garden

Urban Kitchen Garden

Arduino, Electronics, Food and Water

Urban Kitchen Garden

Project Details

This project is designed to allow anyone, anywhere to have a modular, aesthetically pleasing, and simple device to grow food in their own kitchen.

Having long enjoyed growing my own food I searched for a commercial unit to allow me to grow vegetables , herbs and micro-greens/sprouts year round. I found commercial products to significantly lack the control and enclosed-nature I desired to grow what I want, when I want without buying their proprietary seeds/pods/modules.

It uses a peltier driven wine cooler into a grow chamber and powered it with a simple Arduino for control. The LCD displays the relevant parameters (or alarms) at a glance.

The unit can control the temp, monitor humidity and soil moisture for any plants. A simple LED spotlight provides sufficient light.

Hopefully this open-source build will inspire others to grow their own food at home. Perhaps this will allow anyone to achieve some self-reliance for a brighter future regardless of where they may be.

Urban Kitchen Garden | Hackaday.io

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    Arduino, Electronics, Food and Water

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    Jul . 11 . 2015

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    MKME Lab

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