Open Cast

Open Cast

3D Printing, Education, Health

Open Cast

OpenCast 3D Printable Cast

The goal:

Allow anyone, anywhere to easily create a viable cast or brace with a cheap camera and 3D printer. The cast is perfectly formed to the patients body, breathes and can even be worn while bathing. This method can also be used for creating a form-fitted prosthetic device for patients as well.

Most printed casts online seem to be proprietary and closed source- this instruction and files I make freely available for anyone. 3d printed cast 3d printed cast

Get the Kinect camera here:

More options to buy:

3D printable cast

3D printable cast

3D printable cast

3D printable cast

Prerequisite Software Installs

Install KinectSDK-v1.8 – IMPORTANT you use version 1.8

Install Skanect-1.9.1

Install Meshmixer

Plug in your Kinect camera. Windows will mess around installing drivers for awhile. If it still doesnt show up in Skanect- go in to Windows Device manager and expand the sections for the Kinect. This seems to nudge windows into finishing the install (it did for me)

In MeshMixer:

Import your scan

Slice top and bottom as needed for fingers/toes etc (Important to select NO FILL when cut)

Offset whole model 5mm

Separate shells

Delete inside one

Select whole model

Reduce 50%

Create your Pattern- If pattern too tigh- reduce further untill patern suits you

Set pattern width to around 4mm

Select all and Reduce 50%

Analyze and repair

Export to stl

Use Netfab if needed to further repair or make stl smaller in file size

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  • Category :

    3D Printing, Education, Health

  • Date :

    Jul . 11 . 2015

  • Client :

    MKME Lab

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  • Gas Sensor For Emergency Workers
  • Urban Kitchen Garden