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EduCase Portable Classroom

The EduCase is a fully functional classroom inside a portable case. It contains multiple computers (Raspberry Pi & Android) loaded with content, tutorials, tools and information which educators can use in any area of the world.

The project is fully self contained and self-powered and also includes provisions for communication with the outside world using either cellular data or a dedicated portable satellite dish and receiver linked to the “Outernet” satellite data provider. It also houses it’s own LCD display and utilizes an LED projector enabling the entire classroom to see the content.

The EduCase can be deployed to refugee camps, rural areas, developing nations or anywhere else around the world and used to provide content, communications, courses and material we take for granted in the western world.

The EduCase can also be deployed into disaster/relief zones and used for sharing news, communication or things as simple as an impromptu movie theater.

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Playlist: EduCase- Full Classroom & Teaching Tools in a Solar Powered Portable Case – YouTube

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    Education, Electronics, Food and Water, Safety

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    Jul . 11 . 2016

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    MKME Lab

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