Investing In Change
Investing In Change

Investing In Change

Sometimes people just need a little helping hand. We have hoped that could one day assist those in need around the world as well as support those creating, inventing and sharing exciting new technology. We are excited to announce we have begun this process.

In 2016 Eric connected with Kiva and started supporting people around the world with small monetary investments known as micro-investments. For as little as $25 anyone can lend to people in need across the globe. These are not donations- they are loans. At its core this fundamentally changes the dynamic. They are not handouts,  it is a “hand-up”.  They are a way to assist people by empowering them.

The MKme Community Team has been created on Kiva and is open for anyone to join. At this time we are currently supporting:

Mkmeorg Loretta Kiva Investment

Loreta  is 46 years old, married with two children and lives in Calabayan, Ozamiz City, Phillipines.

She owns and operates a coconut production business to earn a living. She has been in her business for many years and earns well from every cropping. Her previous loan was successfully repaid and now she has requested a loan of 15,000 PHP to purchase organic fertilizer.

She plans to use the additional revenue generated to improve the general living conditions of her family

Results: Funded and Paid Back! invested in Visitacion a Phillipe Pig farmer

Visitacion who is a 63 years old, and married with one child.

She has been raising pigs in the Philippines for 30 years now.
Visitacion, who has borrowed 14 times in the past from NWTF to sustain her business, has requested a 16000 PHP loan to buy feeds and other supplies to raise her pigs.

She would like to save enough to provide a secure future for her family.

Results: Funded and Paid Back! Investing in Change

Ladislas is in Rwanda making a living with a solar powered charging station for phones and LED lighting. He is already on track repaying his loan on time.

Results: Unfortunately Defaulted investing in change

Rigoberto in Mexico will be using the funds to procure a biogas capturing system so he can recover the methane and use it to pasteurize the milk he produces. This will eliminate the LP gas he is currently using. Very cool!

Results: Funded and Paid Back!

Mario is 59 years old and lives in Apodaca, N.L. with his family. They brought their daughter for a medical exam due to gall bladder problems.
They need for her to get an operation but unfortunately Mario does not have enough resources to pay for the surgery in cash. It is for this that he is asking for a financial loan for her to be able to get the operation immediately and have a better quality of life.

Mario was our newest loan Nov 2020. I hope his daughter gets the care needed! 

Results: Funded and currently under repayment





Here is a video showing the basics of the Kiva concept and an amazing approach to getting kids involved:

Eric will continue to devote a portion of channel funds whenever possible to social-interest causes and doing some good in the world. If you have an idea for a project or cause or are in need please reach out.