Food & Water
Food & Water

Food & Water

We have been actively developing several projects in the areas of food and water.  These two areas are some of the most basic requirements for human life.  Unfortunately much of the world has serious problems in these areas. Food shortages, storage issues, water filtration and water shortages are just a few of the life threatening issues currently faced.  Working together we can help solve these problems.

Food production and constraints thereof is an area that affects everyone, regardless of where they are in the world.  Technology constantly advances to maximize yield but much more needs to be done.

In 2014 Eric created the Urban Kitchen Garden project as an improvement on the commercial units he already owned.

This project proved that with no proprietary equipment (seeds, pods, grow media etc) people could be empowered to grow some of their own food at home.  This project was released fully open source with full video tutorials, instructions and code published via youTube and the Hackaday project page.  This projects subsequently made it to the Hackaday Prize 2015 semi finals.


urban kitchen garden

We have also been developing an open source 3D printed water filtration system.  This project includes some very basic 3D printed parts which when assembled and combined with locally sourced filtration media, should be able to provide clean drinking water.  Once the design is finalized and tested it will be shared with the world.

funnel stl

The upcoming “Portable Classroom” project will also include extensive resources for food and water.  Many instructions, articles and disaster relief documentation are freely available online but many areas of the world simple do not have access to them.  The education project will include some of this information on its internal storage so it can be shared, printed and otherwise disseminated to people in need.

The project also consists of an “Outernet” satellite receiver which will receive instructions and relief/aid information as it is broadcast from the geostationary satellites around the world. portable classroom

We are looking for other hobbyists & inventors to participate as well.  The “Without Borders” project is continuing to develop.  The hope is that in 2016 we may be able to travel to an area in need to deploy & test some solutions developed in the upcoming months.

If you would like to join us in these projects please contact us via the About page or post in the Forum.