Education is the foundation on which many amazing technologies are built. One of our core beliefs is that education should be accessible to anyone regardless of their age, location & resources.  Ideally education should also be free.  This is quickly becoming a possibility due to the sheer volume of information being freely shared around the world.



Our YouTube channel documents many projects, instructions, technologies and tutorials.  All are given freely in hopes of expanding all areas of human knowledge.

We have shared numerous tutorials on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Electronics, amateur radio, Software defined radio, 3D Printing, High Altitude Exploration, satellites and more topics you can find in our various playlists.  All videos and code are free for anyone to take and improve. EduCase

In late 2014 Eric began developing the design for an open source “classroom” which can be deployed anywhere in the world.  This toolkit will contain many tools needed to teach a variety of topics without any need for access to hydro or internet service.

The project is connected to information from anywhere in the world via a portable satellite downlink. portable satellite dish

We have successfully tested the Outernet Satellite Receiver system for this project with 100% success.  You can see the full review here. This system is already broadcasting much of the data needed to support the EduCase Portable classroom project. portable classroom


All plans, instructions, components and code are shared open-source for all the world to share. You can find all the project details on the EduCase Hackaday Project Page.  The project has already qualified as a finalist in the 2016 Hackaday Prize competition.

If you would like to get involved with this project please contact us via the about page.