The community at is devoted to collaboration between people and facilitating the methods to achieve success together.  Working together we can accomplish more than any single person.

We promote collaboration, ideas, projects and media from makers, inventors, teachers, and enthusiasts from around the globe.  There is no fee for this.  Great ideas deserve to be shared with the world.

Eric currently has many Open-Source Repositories on GitHub sharing ALL PROJECTS FREE with the world.

MKME GitHub Repositories

All code, instructions, CAD files and much more can be found for any project shown here or on the MKME Lab YouTube channel.

In 2014 we we able to work together with remote team members on the Aurora 1 high altitude balloon project.  The project was a great success and flew its first mission in May 2014.  This project proved that regardless of where a person is in the world, we have the tools to work together on any project. High Altitude balloon

With the recent explosion in open-source hardware and software projects around the world- it is more important than ever to get the word out and share each others ideas so we can improve and advance them together.

Monday’s Eric broadcast-ed the Tech Live show on YouTube so that all community members can interact real time.  This broadcast has enabled real time brainstorming and sharing of ideas. Tech Live Show

We moderate & maintain multiple resources to facilitate sharing of ideas.  You can find links to the forums,  IRC Channel, Blog and many more on the about page.  If you have something to share, we will do what we can to help get it out there.