3D Printing
3D Printing

3D Printing

3D Printing has quickly become one of the easiest and cheapest methods for rapid prototyping in the history of mankind.  Anyone, anywhere can quickly produce quality components from a variety of materials.  This additive manufacturing is truly a paradigm shift for technology as a whole.  As we continue to advance this technology, we must continue to share the knowledge, techniques and designs to accelerate the growth.

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In 2013 we purchased our first 3D printer (the Solidoodle 2 model) and began creating a variety of projects which were shared via our website and YouTube videos.

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Projects such as the InMoov humanoid robot (thanks to Gael) were re-created in our small workshop.  This 3D Printed robotic arm was subsequently developed into a medical tool for “brain training” and “rehabilitation” in patients with brain injuries such as stroke victims.


Thanks to the 3D printed arm, any user could see an immediate reaction in a realistic human arm directly from their very own brainwaves thanks to a DIY EEG headset.  All the code, design and tutorials were shared via the website, YouTube, Forum and GitHub.

mkme.org brain computer interface

We published numerous videos on the 3D printing projects such as Google Sketchup for 3D printing, printer modifications, printer repair, DIY parts and much more.

Although our 3D printer is aging we have found many ways to create new and innovative parts as well as perform upgrades to the printer itself by manufacturing it’s own new components.


In the upcoming months we will be implementing some projects to connect more people with the tools and knowledge involved with 3D printing.

We are also looking at working directly with printer manufacturers on multiple collaborations.  Specifically we are looking to implement a newer and faster filament printers for some upcoming “remote” projects as well as looking into resin based printers for a project in the “Without Borders” collection of projects which are designed to make a difference in areas which may not have yet realized the benefits of modern technology.

MKME Lab DIY 3D Printed Cast

3D Printed cast video on MKME Lab channel

If you would like to take part in our projects or submit your own ideas please contact us via the mkme.org About page.