Eric's Projects and Initiatives
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DIY projects such as a high altitude balloon launched from Goderich Ontario to inspire exploration of our world and beyond.

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Investing In Change

Using portions of our YouTube funds to help people through micro-investments and more.

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Projects such as the EduCase for learning/development around the world!

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3d Printing Covid-19 faceshields for healthcare workers, DIY brain interfaces for stroke victims, 3D printed medical braces/casts more!

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Drones for performing search and rescue, aerial mapping and more. Full iNav tutorials, videos and Drone builds shared open source.

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Safety & Security

Hackaday Prize winning Open Source projects like the Gas Sensor for Emergency Workers to keep our first responders safe!

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Food & Water

Projects including the Urban Kitchen Garden to produce food anywhere and reduce food waste.

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3D Printing

Many of Erics YouTube videos and projects involve 3D printing and laser cutting techniques. All info is shared open source with the world FREE

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Open Source robotics projects to inspire students and children in the STEM fields.

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Sharing and developing ideas, software and hardware.

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Communication Projects, hacking with Software Defined Radio, satellite down-links & more.

About Us

Sharing knowledge

I learn from other people so I simply want to share back as much as I can. Open Source projects are found everywhere. Information, electronics, hobbies and inventions have made incredible advancements- It is time to share this knowledge with the world. Knowledge is free and should always remain so. Our organization is devoted to sharing ideas which can truly make a difference in the world. Open source hardware and software now open up huge possibilities to anyone, anywhere. People all over the world are creating amazing things and sharing them every day. Our goal is to share it with the world and connect these people. Together we can truly make a difference...

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That Guy
That Eric Guy cutting Covid-19 face shields in his garage
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MKme Community

People like YOU watching our videos, posting, sharing and supporting projects


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