Sharing knowledge and collaborations which can change the world
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Inspiring exploration of our world and beyond.

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Investing In Change

Helping people through micro-investments and more.

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Education, learning opportunities and projects.

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Safety & Security

Sharing knowledge and designing projects which improve safety

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Robotics development and solutions

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3D Printing

Sharing concepts, designs and ideas allowing reproduction of any part/component anywhere.

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Sharing and developing ideas, software and hardware.

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Exploring opportunities to inspire change and advancement in the field of medicine.

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Food & Water

Exploring methods for food and water production, preservation and more.

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Using Drones to perform search and rescue, aerial mapping and more.

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Communication Projects, hacking with Software Defined Radio, satellite down-links & more.

About Us

Sharing knowledge

People around the world are making, collaborating and sharing inventions, ideas and knowledge. Open Source projects are found everywhere. Information, electronics, hobbies and inventions have made incredible advancements- It is time to share this knowledge with the world. Our mission is to share this information and ideas. Knowledge is free and should always remain so. Our organization is devoted to sharing ideas which can truly make a difference in the world. Open source hardware and software now open up huge possibilities to anyone, anywhere. People all over the world are creating amazing things and sharing them every day. Our goal is to share it with the world and connect these people. Together we can truly make a difference...

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MKme Community

Community members collaborating and sharing to advance projects


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